A great soundtrack is the soul of a film and the soul of "Leslie" is a powerful one. We are incredibly lucky that five amazing artists have agreed to contribute their music to our film:


YO LA TENGO has the ability to make a great rock song underscored by a sentimentality that can just really hit you in the heart. "Big Day Coming" is just that... a melody about hope.  And hope is the through-line that runs throughout "Leslie."

The diversity of musical stylings from THE MAGNETIC FIELDS melded perfect with the diverse emotions and feelings in "Leslie." "The Book of Love" and "Yeah Oh Yeah" is a perfect showcase of their range. These 2 amazing songs have the ability to connect with anyone who listens.

PEPPINA'S voice and passion comes across with every word she sings.  A soothing yet deceptively impactful voice that perfectly accompanies the tone of "Leslie."

BRENDAN CANNING of BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE has crafted a unique instrumental score that acts like an ambient pulse throughout "Leslie." The score tows the line between being a powerful character in its own right but also never pulling focus from the smaller moments in the film. The beauty of "Leslie" is the subtlety of the scenes and this score is the musical backbone in the film's more introspective moments.

When it came time to find music to accompany a pivotal 2nd act scene in LESLIE, the sounds of New York-based music collective AARKTICA was the answer. The somber melodies of "The Hook, The Reel, and The Pull" serve to enhance the film's breaking point and guide us into the film's second half. 

"LESLIE" Music Supervisor:

Charles Newman of Motherwest